Historians on the Hill

Congressional Briefings held by the National History Center on Capitol Hill are designed to provide historical context and viewpoints on current issues for policy makers and their staff. At the Congressional Briefings, members focus on historical events and certain advances that have strongly influenced the development of current policies and provide relevant information to the consideration of policy alternatives.

The National History Center has launched a project known as Historians on the Hill.  We aim to identify Capitol Hill staffers who hold history degrees.  The Center’s objective is to forge contacts on the Hill with staffers who might offer direct assistance with our Congressional Briefing Program.  We kindly ask history degree-holders currently working on Capitol Hill to please complete the survey below. Not a Congressional staffer? Please help us identify Historians on the Hill by circulating this survey to staffers you know.


Contact us at 202.450.3209 or email amoniz@historians.org at your convenience.