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September 8: Washington History Seminar

Peter Finn (Washington Post), on The Zhivago Affair: The Kremlin, the CIA, and the Battle over a Forbidden Book

September 12: NHC Congressional Briefing

Immigrant Entrepreneurship, co-sponsored by the German Historical Institute 

September 15: Washington History Seminar

Lisa Leff (American University) on

The Archive Thief: Zosa Szajkowski and the Salvaging of French Jewish History 

September 19: Early American Seminar Series

Ralph Bauer (Maryland), “The Alchemy of Conquest: Discovery, Prophesy, and the Secrets and the New World”. Respondent: Timothy Bruno (Maryland)

September 20: DC-Area African American Studies Works-In-Progress Seminar

Discussion of pre-circulated papers:

Marcia Chatelain (Georgetown University), “Getting down with McDonald’s: Race and Fast Food in America,” and

Eric Arnesen (George Washington University), “Revolutionary Evangelism” (1918-1919), Chapter 4 of A. Philip Randolph: A Political Life.

September 22: Washington History Seminar

Malcolm Byrne (George Washington University), Lessons of Iran-Contra: Behind the Scenes of Ronald Reagan’s Iran Gambit, 1985-86

September 25: National Archives Researcher Talk Series

Katherine Scott, Assistant Senate Historian, Reining in the State 

September 29: Washington History Seminar

Akira Iriye (Harvard), “International Affairs and Transnational Relations”


October 2: Kennan Institute Scholar Seminars

Nicole Eaton, “Kaliningrad’s German Problem: The Second World War, the Legacy of Fascism, and the Meaning of Soviet Socialism 1945-1948.”

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October 3: The Kennan Diaries

Frank Costigliola, University of Connecticut. The Kennan Diaries reveal the personal life and the political, philosophical, and spiritual concerns of America’s most noted diplomat and foreign policy strategist, George F. Kennan.

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October 8: Slavery, Memory, and African Diaspora Seminar Series

David Sartorius, Associate Professor of History at the University of Maryland, “Safe Travels: Passports and the Illegal Slave Trade in Nineteenth-Century Cuba”

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October 10: History and Public Policy Program

Film Screening: “Liberty Train, Next Stop Freedom”

October 11: African American History at Arlington Program

Join us for a special day/evening program commemorating African American history on the Arlington Plantation. Explore the site from the perspective of those who lived and worked as the “property” of the Custis/Lee family while maintaining a vibrant and independent culture of their own.

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October 17: Early American Seminar Series 

Justin Roberts (Dalhousie), “Surrendering Surinam, The Politics of Barbadian Expansion and the Early English Atlantic, 1650-1675.” Respondent: Christian Koot (Towson)

October 23: National Archives Researcher Talk Series

David Kieran, Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Skidmore College, Vietnam in American Public Memory

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October 23: Richard G. Hewlett Lecture and Dinner

Anthony S. Pitch, The Joys of Researching A Work of Non-Fiction

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October 24: Early Modern History Seminar Series

Jessica Krug, Assistant Professor of History at the George Washington University, “Fugitive Modernities, Spirit Biographies and the Trans-Atlantic Politics of Reputation: Angola and the Americas in the Seventeenth Century”

October 25: DC-Area African American Studies Seminar

Robert Bland (University of Maryland), “‘Like a Miniature Tuskegee’: Industrial Education, Agrarianism, and the Redefinition of Reconstruction”

Claire Raymond (University of Virginia), “Carrie Mae Weems, Zora Neale Hurston, and Haunting”

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November 6: National Archives Researcher Talk Series

Jessica Adler, Assistant Professor of History at Florida International University, World War I and the Birth of the United States Veterans’ Hospital System 

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November 6: 2014 International History Seminar

Bradley Simpson, Associate Professor of History at the University of Connecticut, “The Global History of Self-Determination since 1945″

November 12: Slavery, Memory, and African Diaspora Seminar Series

Rebecca Shumway, Adjunct Professor of History at Georgetown University, “Cultural Syncretism and the Duplicity of Anti-Slavery on the Gold Coast”

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November 14: Early American Seminar Series

Alejandra Dubcovsky (Yale), “Informing Power, Communication Exchange in the Early South.” Respondent: Nicole Mahoney (Maryland)

November 20: National Archives Researcher Talk Series

Timothy Verhoeven, Fellow at the University of Monash (Australia), Petitions and the History of American Secularism 

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November 20: 2014 International History Seminar 

Charles K. Armstrong, The Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Studies in the Social Sciences at Columbia University, “Industrialization and its Consequences in North Korea and Northeast China, 1930s-1960s”

(Co-sponsored by the Asia Studies Program in Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service)

November 21: Early Modern Global History Seminar Series 

Jonathan Ray, Associate Professor of Theology at Georgetown University, “Between the Fantastic and the Familiar: Jews in the Sixteenth Century Imagination”


December 4: National Archives Researcher Talk Series 

Ajay Mehrota, Professor at Indiana University School of Law, Making the Modern American Fiscal State

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December 5: Early Modern Global History Seminar Series

April Shelford, Associate Professor of History at American University, “Creating a Public: The Periodicals of 1760s Saint Domingue”


February 6: Early American Seminar Series

Susan Branson (Syracuse), “Phrenology and the Science of Race in Antebellum America.” Respondent: Ashley Towle (Maryland)

MARCH 2015

March 13: Early American Seminar Series

Nicholas Wood (Virginia), “The Anglo-American ‘Race of Glory’ & the Failure of the Cooperative Slave Trade Suppression.” Respondent: TBA

APRIL 2015

April 17: Early American Seminar Series

Christen Mucher (Smith), “Indian Wars and Western Antiquities.” Respondent: Matt Ball (Maryland)

April 23: 2015 International History Seminar 

Carole Fink, Humanities Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the Ohio State University, “How about Normalizing the Past? West Germany, Israel, and the writer Guenter Grass’s first visit in 1967.”

(Co-sponsored by the Center for German and European Studies and the Program for Jewish Civilization)

MAY 2015

May 1: Early American Seminar Series 

Noeleen McIlvenna (Wright State), “Colonial Democrats.” Respondent: Lucien Holness (Maryland)

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