Events Digest


September 8: Washington History Seminar

Peter Finn (Washington Post), on The Zhivago Affair: The Kremlin, the CIA, and the Battle over a Forbidden Book

September 12: NHC Congressional Briefing

Immigrant Entrepreneurship, co-sponsored by the German Historical Institute 

September 15: Washington History Seminar

Lisa Leff (American University) on

The Archive Thief: Zosa Szajkowski and the Salvaging of French Jewish History 

September 20: DC-Area African American Studies Works-In-Progress Seminar

Discussion of pre-circulated papers:

Marcia Chatelain (Georgetown University), “Getting down with McDonald’s: Race and Fast Food in America,” and

Eric Arnesen (George Washington University), “Revolutionary Evangelism” (1918-1919), Chapter 4 of A. Philip Randolph: A Political Life.

September 22: Washington History Seminar

Malcolm Byrne (George Washington University), Lessons of Iran-Contra: Behind the Scenes of Ronald Reagan’s Iran Gambit, 1985-86

September 29: Washington History Seminar

Akira Iriye (Harvard), “International Affairs and Transnational Relations”


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