2006 International Research Seminar on Decolonization

2006 Decolonization Seminar Participants and Leaders

The first international seminar took place July 10 through August 4, 2006 with fifteen participants from around the globe. They were:

  • Anne Louise Antonoff, Yale University, PhD candidate, U.S. and Decolonization in 1952: A Liberalizing Moment?
  • Lauren Apter, University of Texas at Austin, PhD candidate, The Role of American Zionism in the Decolonization of Palestine
  • Tracey Banivanua Mar, University of Melbourne, Lecturer in Indigenous Australian and Pacific Histories, Indigenous Globalization: historical networks of decolonization in western Oceania
  • Daniel Branch, Yale University, Postdoctoral Associate, Not yet Uhuru? The Local Politics of Decolonization in Central Kenya, 1956-1973
  • Elizabeth Buettner, University of York, UK, Lecturer in Modern British History, The Impact of Empire: Cultural Decolonization in Europe
  • Lucy Chester, University of Colorado, Boulder, Assistant Professor of History and International Affairs, Britain’s Decolonization of South Asia, 1947, and Palestine Mandate, 1948
  • Kristen Stromberg Childers, University of Pennsylvania, Assistant Professor of History, Choosing the Mother Country: Decolonization and Migration to France and Britain, 1945-present
  • Adrian Howkins, University of Texas, PhD candidate, The Imperialism of Decolonization in Antarctica
  • Yasmin Khan, British Academy, University of London, Postdoctoral Fellow in Politics and International Relations, Policemen and Partition: regime Change in North India, 1946-1964
  • Mathilde Leduc-Grimaldi, University of San Marino, Italy, PhD Candidate, Congo Basin and former Colonial powers relationship
  • Jason Parker, West Virginia University, Assistant Professor of History, Decolonization and Third World Federations
  • Louise Rice, Rutgers University, PhD Candidate, France, West Africa, and the Re-imagination of Empire in the Era of Decolonization
  • George R. Trumbull, IV, Tulane University, Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic History, An Ocean of Sand: A Cultural History of Water in the Colonial Sahara
  • Lorenzo Veracini, University of Queensland, Australia, Postdoctoral Fellow/Lecturer, Settler Colonialism and Decolonization
  • Chantalle Verna, Florida International University, Assistant Professor of History and International Relations, Haiti’s “Second Independence” and the Promise of the Post-occupation Period, 1934-1956

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