2007 International Research Seminar on Decolonization

2007 Decolonization Seminar Participants and Leaders

The second international seminar was be from July 9 through August 3, 2007. The fifteen participants and the leaders were:

  • Yoav Alon (PhD 2001, St. Antony’s, Oxford), Lecturer, Tel Aviv Univ. Decolonization of Jordan
  • Michael Anderson (PhD Candidate [2008], University of Texas, Austin), The U.S. Government and the Institute of Pacific Relations
  • Meriam Belli (PhD 2005, Georgetown University), Lecturer, MIT, Geography and Demography of Decolonization in Port Said
  • Laura Bier (PhD 2006, New York University), Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech, State Feminism and Decolonization: Egyptian Women and the Gender Politics of Nasserist Rule
  • David Campion (PhD 2002, University of Virginia), Assistant Professor, Lewis & Clark College, Pattern of Decolonization in Malta
  • Christopher Harding (PhD 2004, St. Antony’s, Oxford), Associate Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, The Emergence of Indian Psychotherapies, c. 1925 – 55
  • Joe Hodge (PhD, 2002 Queen’s University, Canada), Assistant Professor, West Virginia University, Colonial Experts, Developmental Doctrines, and the Legacies of the Late British Colonialism
  • Chinnaiah Jangam (PhD 2005, SOAS, London), Assistant Professor, Wagner College, Dalits and Decolonization in India
  • Christopher Lee (PhD 2003, Stanford), Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, The 1955 Bandung Conference
  • Mairi MacDonald (PhD Candidate [2007], University of Toronto), Decolonization in Guinea: The View from Paris
  • Brandon Marsh (PhD Candidate [2007], University of Texas, Austin), The West and Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier, 1947–55
  • Christopher O’Sullivan (PhD 1999, LSE, London), Lecturer, University of San Francisco, Decline of British Empire, Rise of American Hegemony, and the Middle East, 1935–50
  • Berny Sèbe (PhD Candidate [2007], Keble, Oxford), Decolonization or Reinforcement of French Control: The U.S. and the Organisation des Regions Sahariennes, 1957–62
  • Penny Sinanoglou (PhD Candidate [2008], Harvard), British Mandate in Palestine, 1922–1948
  • Pingtjin Thum (DPhil Candidate [2008], Brasenose, Oxford), Trade Unions and Decolonization of Singapore

2007 Decolonization Seminar Leaders

  • Wm. Roger Louis (University of Texas at Austin), Director
  • Dane Kennedy (George Washington University)
  • Philippa Levine (University of Southern California)
  • Jason Parker (Texas A & M)
  • Pillarisetti Sudhir (American Historical Association)
  • Marilyn Young (New York University)

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