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Created by the American Historical Association in 2002, the National History Center aims to reinforce the critical role that history and historical knowledge play in public decision-making and civic life.  The Center facilitates historical inquiry and debate, and ensures that the scholarship and knowledge of professional historians are disseminated to the public effectively.

Historians in the United States and throughout the world benefit from the National History Center, which is located in Washington, DC.  Such a center, moreover, does more than serve the needs of historians. It is a forum through which historians exchange ideas with policymakers and the media. Perhaps most important, it enables historians to have the public role.

We are on our way to more fully realizing that intention, thanks to the National History Center Founders and Contributors. Please consider joining them by making your contribution today.

The National History Center welcomes pledges and contributions of any size. Those who pledge and contribute $3,000 or more are recognized as Founders of the National History Center. All contributions are tax-deductible and can be made in installments over three years.

Contact Us if you would like us to contact you to discuss your contribution or if you wish to make a stock transfer. You also may call 202.544.2422 x103 at your convenience.