Additional Events: 2020

NHC Webinar: Protest and Civil Unrest in the United States: A Historical Exploration

The events of May and June 2020 brought political protest, police brutality, and civil unrest back into the headlines. Activists, politicians, and political pundits daily offer observations and analysis on cable and broadcast news, Facebook and Twitter, and newspaper op-ed pages.

As the American Historical Association has repeatedly stated and as all historians know, “Everything has a history.” In this webinar on June 11, 2020, the National History Center brought together five historians of 20th century America to address the historical background surrounding the current crisis in the United States.


Chad Williams (Brandeis)

Marcia Chatelain (Georgetown)

Michael Flamm (Ohio Wesleyan)

Cheryl Greenberg (Trinity)

Thomas Sugrue (New York University)