April 15: Gill Bennett: Six Moments of Crisis: Inside British Foreign Policy

To understand how and why past decisions were taken it is essential to look at them from the inside out, not with hindsight. To comprehend the decision-making process, it helps to study specific choices, such as those:Gill Bennett

to commit British troops to the Korean War, 1950;

to reverse the Egyptian nationalization of the Suez Canal, 1956;

to apply for British membership of the European Economic Community, 1961;

to withdraw British forces from East of Suez, 1968;

to expel 105 Soviet intelligence officers from the UK, 1971; and

to send a Task Force to the Falkland Islands, 1982.

Gill Bennett was Chief Historian of the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office from 1995-2005, and Senior Editor of the postwar official history of British foreign policy, Documents on British Policy Overseas.