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All publications produced by the National History Center, recommended readings from Center events, or books from participants of Center’s programs are available for purchase through the Center’s bookstore.

New Books in History Podcast of Making Sense of the Vietnam Wars

New Books In History
New Books In History

New Books in History has a new podcast of an interview with Mark Philip Bradley and Marilyn Young, the editors of the Making Sense of the Vietnam Wars, the first volume in the Reinterpreting History series produced by the National History Center and Oxford University Press. The volumes in the series aim to convey to readers how and why historians revise and reinterpret their understanding of the past, and they do so by focusing on a particular historical topic, event, or idea that has long gained the attention of historians.

As Marshall Poe, editor of New Books in History,  states, “[The] authors provide no simple answers because there are none. You will not find easy explanations, good guys and bad guys, or ideological drum-beating in these pages. What you will find is a sensitive effort to understand an event of mind-boggling, irreducible complexity. There’s a lesson here: we may think we know what we are doing on far-away shores, but we are fooling ourselves.”

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Making Sense of the Vietnam Wars
Making Sense of the Vietnam Wars

Both this and the second volume in the Reinterpreting History series on the Atlantic World are available for purchase.
The podcast of the Atlantic World on New Books in History is available here.

Making Sense of the Vietnam Wars Reviewed

The first volume of the Reinterpreting History series, published by Oxford University Press, received a great book review in the latest volume of the Journal of American History (volume 96, issue 1). The volume, entitled Making Sense of the Vietnam Wars: Local, National, and Transnational Perspectives is edited by Mark Philip Bradley and Marilyn B. Young.

Reviewer Patrick Hagopian from Lancaster University in Lancaster, England, says, “This volume gathers together a group of distinguished scholars to bring fresh perspectives to the question, ‘Why Vietnam?’ Their contributions address the factors that led the United States to intervene militarily in Vietnam and the reasons (other than military strategy and feats of arms) that the conflict developed and concluded as it did; they also demonstrate the liveliness of current historiographical debates. The emergence of new interpretations results in part from the availability of new Vietnamese-language archives, the declassification of documents in the United States, and the release of materials in China, Eastern Europe, and Russia…..

“…The new synthesis toward which this volume excitingly, although perhaps distantly, signals, will involve not just the integration of materials from various national archives but the tracing of the connections between the large-scale and finely observed local perspectives that its contributions explore. The cutting-edge research in this volume constitutes a crucial addition to the library of anyone interested in the histories of the Vietnam Wars.”


The full review is availabe at the  History Cooperative.  This volume, and the second volume in the series  on Atlantic History, are available for purchase through the Center’s E-Store.

Center Opens an “E-Store”

The National History Center has opened a virtual E-store with the help of

In the E-Store, the books recommended from the various programs run by the Center are listed by topic and available through Amazon for purchase.  By buying books through the National History Center’s e-store, you can help support the programs the Center runs, as Amazon donates a percentage of the purchase back to the Center.

The recommendations include books from the congressional briefings series, the Oxford University Press Series Reinterpreting History, and the lecture series with the Council on Foreign Relations.   For the summer institutes, the e-store lists both the required and recommended reading for the participants.  Under the Decolonization subject, the books listed are decolonization seminar’s required reading for the participants and books authored by the leaders, but also books published as a result of the research undertaken during the seminar.

Patrons to the e-store can also shop for and purchase other books and products for sale at Amazon, including e-books, videos, clothing, or shoes.

Click here to enter the store and start collecting the recommended books.  The E-store is also available in the navigation bar.