Center Governance

Board of Trustees

  1. James R. Grossman, Chair, ex officio, executive director, American Historical Association
  2. Tyler Stovall, ex officio, immediate past president, American Historical Association; University of California at Santa Cruz
  3. Deanna Marcum, treasurer, Ithaka S+R (term ends June 2018)
  4. Mary Beth Norton, ex officio, president, American Historical Association; Cornell Unviersity 
  5. John McNeill, ex officio, president-elect, American Historical Association; Georgetown University 
  6. Richard H. Kohn, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (term ends January 2019)
  7. John Lawrence, U.S. House of Representatives, retired, (term ends January 2019)
  8. Alan Kraut, American University (term ends June 2019)
  9. Cokie Roberts, author and journalist (term ends June 2020)
  10. Nick Mueller, National World War II Museum (term ends June 2020)
  11. A’Lelia Bundles, author and journalist (term ends June 2020)

Program Committee 

Articles of Incorporation


Updated June 29, 2015