Congressional Briefing on C-SPAN’s American History TV (links)

Thank you to all who were able to attend the National History Center’s Congressional Briefing: Commercialization of Space Travel!
In case you weren’t able to make it in person or if you missed the airing of the Congressional Briefing on C-SPAN3’s American History TV, below are links to videos and documents from the briefing.

Watch a panel of leading space historians discuss the commercialization of space exploration and human participation in space exploration.
National History Center’s Video is here: NHC Congressional Briefing: Commercialization of Space Travel.
CSPAN’s Video coverage can be found here: Congressional Briefing on Space Travel (CSPAN)

Written summaries of each presenter’s discussion can be found here:
Matthew Hersch, Human Spaceflight: Past, Present, and Future
Joseph Tatarewicz, Space Science and Space Policy 2012 – Historical Perspectives
Alexander MacDonald, A Brief Note on the Economic History of Space Exploration in America