Congressional Briefings: 2014

NHC Congressional Briefing on Ebola and the African Health Crisis: November 17, 2014

Professor Randall M. Packard of Johns Hopkins University Professor Gregg Mitman of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Julie Livingston of New York University and Rutgers University

NHC Congressional Briefing on Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Historical Perspective: September 12, 2014**

    Hartmut Berghoff, Director of the German Historical Institute; Zulema Valdez, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Merced; Xiaojian Zhao, Professor of Asian American History at the University of California, Santa Barbara

NHC Congressional Briefing on Oversight of Intelligence Activities: June 9, 2014**

    Laura Donohue, Professor of Law at Georgetown University and director of Georgetown University’s Center on National Security; Mark Lowenthal, former assistant director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production at the Central Intelligence Agency and adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University

**Due to United States Senate regulations, we are unable to link video filmed within a U.S. Senate Office Building. To view this briefing, please go to the C-Span Video Library, and search the relevant video title.