Decolonization Seminar 2015

Seminar Participants

Arthur Asseraf (Oxford University) “‘A New Israel’? Transnational Models of Decolonization and the Partition of Algeria that Never Happened.”

Emily Baughan (University of Bristol) “An Operation Anvil for Children: Youth, NGOs and the Colonial State in Kenya, 1950-1963.

Muriam Haleh Davis (New York University) “Producing Eurafrica: Development, Agriculture and Race in Algeria, 1958 -1965.”

William Matthew Kennedy (University of Sydney) “Decolonising Citizenship: The British Nationality Act of 1948, and the Commonwealth’s Rethinking of the Idea of Empire.”

Kevin Kim (Stanford University) “From Empire to Cold War: Kim Yong-jeung and the Transpacific Origins of Non-Alignment.”

Zoe LeBlanc (Vanderbilt University) “Cairo’s Congo Crisis.” 

Srijan Sandip Mandal (University of Hyderabad) “Adapting American Precedent: The Restrictions on Freedom of Speech in the Constitution of India.”

Kara Moskowitz (Emory University) “A Labor of Love? Self-Help and the Rise of Postcolonial Patronage Politics in Kenya.”

Eva-Maria Muschik (New York University) “‘The Long Run May be Very Long and the Need is Urgent’ – The UN, Decolonization and the Proposal for an International Administrative Service.”

Jason Pack (University of Cambridge) “Libya as a part of Britain’s and America’s Informal Empire (1942-69).”

Charlotte Riley (University College London) “Decolonization, the Decade of Development and the Agency for International Development: The Politics of Overseas Aid.”

Élodie Salmon (Sorbonne University) “The End of the Colonial Connections with Decolonization? A Network Analysis”

Simon Stevens (Columbia University) “Decolonization and the Transformation of the Global Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1965–1971.”

Caio Simõnes de Araújo (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies) “Decolonization, Race and the Global South: Portugal’s Imperial Endgame in Transnational Perspective, 1955-1965.”

Stephen Wertheim (Columbia University) “The United States in a World of Empire.”