Devin Fergus Examines Economic Inequality and the Return of Jim Crow

Devin Fergus, Professor of History at Vanderbilt University, is the National History Center and Woodrow Wilson Center’s next speaker at the weekly history seminar on Monday, April 5, 2010.

Professor Fergus will examine “Rising Inequality and the Return of Jim Crow.” In recent decades financial deregulation has led to a growth of hidden fees and charges that adversely impinge on the American consumer. The consequent rise in economic inequality has disproportionately affected the Black and Latino part of the U.S. public, possibly precipitating a new crisis of democracy. From a historical perspective, the crisis is not only American but global, and echoes the Cold War and Jim Crow years of a racially segregated nation.

Devin Fergus is an Assistant Professor of History at Vanderbilt University and is a Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center. His current book project is titled “Land of the Fee, 1970-2010.” It will examine the rise of consumer finance and its impact on the growing wealth gap in America. His first book, Liberalism, Black Power, and the Making of American Politics (2009) received the Outstanding Academic Book Award of the American Library Association.

Video is available for this seminar.

The seminar took place on Monday, April 5, 2010 and is part of a series that aims to facilitate the understanding of contemporary affairs in light of historical knowledge of all times and places, and from multiple perspectives. Click here to see a complete listing of the schedule of speakers and topics, as well as videos of the presentations.