Be among the first 1000 members of H-Decol!

The National History Center is pleased to announce that a new H-Net list devoted to decolonization, H-Decol, has launched, and has already reached the 500-subscriber mark!

Thanks to the herculean efforts of International Seminar on Decolonization alumni Paul McGarr of the University of Nottingham and Stefanie Wichhart of Niagara University, the new list is up and ready for new members and new messages. To join, go to,

select H-Decol from the Network drop down list, enter your name, email and affiliation, and the editors, Professors McGarr and Wichhart, will take care of the rest.

Watch for a media-review section of the list to debut soon!

Questions may be addressed to Wichhart at and McGarr at