History and Policy Education Program

Modeled on our Congressional Briefings program, the History and Policy Education Program (HPEP)  provides a curricular model that faculty can use in their courses to emphasize the relevance of history in addressing contemporary policy issues.

The program aims to foster college students’ understanding of the value of historical perspectives for policy decision making, and to enhance their civic engagement by connecting historical studies to policymaking conversations.  HPEP is designed to get students to work collaboratively to select an historical subject that can illuminate the present, conduct research into that history, develop a format for the presentation of findings, identify and invite relevant stakeholders to a briefing, and make a public presentation that reviews their findings and explains its policy implications.

To help instructors use HPEP in their classrooms, we’ve developed a guide for implementing the program.  We are currently in the process of creating additional resources for educators.

   History and Policy Educational Program Guidebook

Thanks to support from the Andrew Mellon Foundation, we are able to expand this important program, formerly known as our Mock Policy Briefing Program.  For Mock Policy resources, please visit this page.