International Seminar on Decolonization Reunion Conference

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Tuesday, July 5

N.B. All conference sessions take place at the Library of Congress, Jefferson Building, Room LJ 119.

9:00- 10:00am
Optional:  Private tour of The Value of Money at The National Museum of American History led by Ellen Feingold

Welcome from the Kluge Center, Jason Steinhauer

Welcome from the American Historical Association, Dana Schaffer

1:20- 1:45pm
Opening Remarks, Wm. Roger Louis

Resources, Technology, and Economics in the Era of Decolonization
Chair:  Guiliano Garavini, University of Padua

Building an Oil Empire: U.S. Oil Companies and the Reshaping of Labor Relations in Libya, 1951-1981
Elisabetta Bini, University of Trieste

If all else fails, ask America: Facing Colonial Exclusion in Nazareth
Leena Dallasheh, Humboldt State University

Making the Hydro-Nation: Sovereignty and regionalism in India, 1950s-1960s
Daniel Haines, University of Bristol

Shifting Sudan: an Economic Region Between Interwar Imperialism and the Age of Development
Alden Young, Drexel University

3:30- 4:45pm
Empire at War
Chair:  Andres Rodriguez, University of Sydney

Sentencing and executing in the Metropolis during Decolonisation: The Case Study of “Fort Montluc”
Marc André, Associated researcher of the Larhra (Laboratoire de recherche historique Rhône-Alpes / Historical research laboratory of Rhone-Alpes)

Doing justice or guarding national unity: Sentencing female ‘traitors’ in times of transition
Eveline Buchheim, NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies

Bad Blood in the Post-War Netherlands: Indonesian Decolonization as Interpersonal Conflict
Jennifer L. Foray, Purdue University

At the Crossroads of Empire: Neutral Macau during the Second World War
Felicia Yap, London School of Economics, Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Center

Wednesday, July 6

Drawing Borders, Building Communities
Chair: Aiyaz Husain, U.S. Department of State

Portuguese Empire’s Migrants of Decolonization settled in Brazil (1974-1977)
Isabel de Souza Lima Junqueira Barreto, Fluminense Federal University

Who wants an East African Federation?
Michael Collins, University College London

The Integration of African Chiefdoms into the Colonial Administration: Institutional Change or Institutional Persistence?Leigh Gardner, London School of Economics

Decolonizing borders in South Asia
Elisabeth Leake, Royal Holloway, University of London

“Federations I have known…”
Jason Parker, Texas A&M University

Eurafrique. Decolonization by Participation
Anne-Isabelle Richard, Leiden University

Roundtable: Teaching the End of Empire
Chair: Annalisa Urbano, Universitaet Bayreuth
Stephen Jackson, University of Sioux Falls
Mairi MacDonald, University of Toronto
Jessica Pearson-Patel, University of Oklahoma
Kate Stevens, University of Otago
Akhila Yechury, University of St. Andrews

12:15- 1:30         Lunch

Languages of Independence, Histories of Decolonization
Chair: Erik Linstrum, University of Virginia

Two Corollaries to the Monroe Doctrine: Theodore Roosevelt, Elihu Root and the Rhetoric of Anti-Imperial Imperialism
Charlie Laderman, Peterhouse, University of Cambridge

Taming Babel: Language, colonialism and legacies in British Malaya
Rachel Leow, University of Cambridge

Decolonizing words.  A Contribution to the History of French Empire’s decline
Élodie Salmon, Paris-Sorbonne University

Decolonization and the Writing of Indian History
Rajagopal Vakulabharanam, University of Hyderabad

Global Connections in a Decolonizing World
Chair:  Elizabeth Buettner, University of Amsterdam 

The Mutual Influence of India and Palestine, 1933-1939
Lucy Chester, University of Colorado Boulder

Developing control: development policies and violent trajectories of late colonialism in Portuguese Africa (1945-1975)
Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo, University of Coimbra

Orientalism at Bay: Lebanon, the United States, and Edward Said’s Postcolonial Moment
Maurice Jr. Labelle, University of Saskatchewan

“They are all Lumumbas”: Anti-colonial Solidarities and Media Representations in the United Arab Republic During the Congo Crisis, 1960-1961
Zoe LeBlanc, Vanderbilt University

Afro-Asian Networks in the Early Cold War: A Collaborative Research Network
Su Lin Lewis, University of Bristol

Nehruvian ideals; African realities: Apa Pant and disciplined decolonization in East Africa, 1948-1954
Gerard McCann, University of York

Thursday, July 7

Between Empire and Independence
Chair: Ellen Feingold, Smithsonian Institution and Georgetown University

In the Aftermath of Power Transfer: Anti-French Sentiments and the Rhetoric of “Unfinished” Decolonization in Postcolonial Ivory Coast
Abou B. Bamba, Gettysburg College

To Mecca by Land or by Air: Decolonizing the Hajj in Nigeria, 1955-1963
Matthew M. Heaton, Virginia Tech

Afterlife of Empire: The Life History and Colonial/Postcolonial Careering of Arthur Hugh Bunting
Joseph M. Hodge, West Virginia University

Leaving New China: decolonisation and the departure of foreigners from Communist Shanghai, 1949-1966
Jon Howlett, University of York

The Specter of Secession: Decolonization and the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution of India
Srijan Sandip Mandal, University of Hyderabad

Roundtable: Humanitarianism and Development
Chair: Juan Romero, Western Kentucky University

John Aerni-Flessner, Michigan State University
Emily Baughan, University of Bristol
Charlotte Lydia Riley, University of Southampton
Kara Moskowitz, University of Missouri – St. Louis
Tehila Sasson, Institute of Historical Research

12:15- 1:30                   Lunch

Decolonizing Global Governance: International Organizations and the End of Empire
Chair:  Laura Robson, Portland State University

Medicine and Public Health in North Africa: State-building and International Aid, 1956-1975
Jennifer Johnson, Brown University

Molding the Intercultural Mind: Peace Corps Training in Hawai’i
Sarah Miller-Davenport, University of Sheffield

The internationalization of social policies and late colonialism: the Portuguese empire and the International Labour Organization (1944-1963)
José Pedro Pinto Monteiro, Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa

The Turn to Sanctions by the Anti-Apartheid Movement
Simon Murray Stevens, European University Institute

“World Organization Intoxication”: The Arab League at the San Francisco Conference, 1945
Stefanie Wichhart, Niagara University

Rethinking the End of Empire: New Approaches to the Study of Decolonization
Chair:  Emma Hunter, University of Edinburgh

Decolonization and the History of Emotions: a Case Study from British Africa
Ellen Boucher, Amherst College

Two Commonwealths? Re-thinking the Commonwealth of Nations: 1921-1975
Andrew Richard Dilley, University of Aberdeen

Rehabilitating the Home: Women’s Self-Help at the End of Empire
Elizabeth Prevost, Grinnell College

Apartheid’s Playground: decolonization and the pleasures of holding ground
Caio Simões de Araújo, Graduate Institute, Geneva

The unfinished decolonisations of settler colonialism
Lorenzo Veracini, Swinburne University

Closing Reception at the Museum of Women in the Arts