NHC panels at the AHA Annual Meeting

2019 Annual Meeting
Continuing Relevance of the Enlightenment
Historical Perspectives on Public-Private Partnerships
Teaching with the History and Policy Education Program
Historical Perspectives on US Housing Policy
Agitators for Citizenship in Antebellum America: Toward a New History of African American Citizenship
Americans in the World: Transnational Histories of Everyday Americans Abroad
The Height of US Immigration Restriction Reconsidered

2017 Annual Meeting
Lived Decolonizations: Local Experiences of Colonial Transition
History Communication in the Classroom: Disrupting the History Undergrad and Grad Curricula
Federal Government Historians and Historical Perspectives in Governance and Policy
Roundtable on Rachel Laudan’s Cuisine and Empire
Human Rights and US Foreign Policy during the Late Cold War
Historians as Expert Witnesses
French Decolonization in Global Perspective
Historians in the Policy Arena: Bringing the Past in Dialogue with the Present
Teaching with the National History Center’s Mock Policy Briefing Program
Founding Women Digital Documentary Editing Project
Redrawing Imperial Maps of Knowledge: UNESCO, Decolonization, and International Collaboration in Science and Arts Expertise, 1945-65

2016 Annual Meeting
Global Histories of National Development in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia
History Communicators
Pressing Issues: History Meets Public Policy Roundtable
Expertise on the Move: Technologies of Rule across the British Empire
Defining Social Needs: A Conversation among Historians and Foundation Officials about Philanthropy Past and Present
The Decolonization of Cultural Institutions across Empires
The Intellectual Legacy of C.A. Bayly

2015 Annual Meeting
-Internationalism and Empire: New Histories of International Society
-Regions and Geographies of Decolonization
-Getting it Right: Passing the Voting Rights Act, 1965
-Labor and the Workplace in New York City, Past and Present
-The Cult of Cassoulet, or Engaging with the Public through Food History
-New Directions in Asian American Immigration