The National History Center of the American Historical Association provides a venue in the nation's capital for all who care about the human past to make history an essential part of public conversations about current events and the shared futures of the United States and the wider world.

Congressional Briefing on Higher Education

The Center’s recent congressional briefing on the history of higher education drew a large and engaged audience of staffers and other policy specialists.  Historians Patricia Graham (Harvard) and John Thelin (University of Kentucky) briefed the audience on the history of the Higher Education Act of 1965, changes and re-authorizations made to the act, and the long-term impact of the federal government’s involvement in higher learning.

You can view a recording of this event in C-SPAN’s video library.

“What Graham’s and Thelin’s remarks made clear is that the federal government has been instrumental in transforming higher education from the exclusive preserve of young white male elites to an instrument of social opportunity for Americans of all social classes, ethnicities, and genders.” Read Director Dane Kennedy’s recap, “How the Feds Reshaped Higher Education,” on AHA Today.

Teaching Decolonization Resource Collection

The Center is pleased to announce the official launch of our Teaching Decolonization Resource Collection. This digital collection provides instructors, students, and researchers with a wide range of materials to support and encourage the study of decolonization in the classroom. Program assistant Annabel LaBrecque wrote about the project for AHA Today. You can read her post here.

Check out the collection here! The site contains primary and secondary sources organized by region and by theme, as well as supplemental reading materials designed for instructors.

Will Robots Rule the World?

Our latest congressional briefing on automation and the workforce was presented by three historians who specialize in the topic. Beginning with early twentieth century automation, the panelists discussed the pros and cons of technological developments in the workplace, and the increasingly rapid change of the digital age

If you missed the event, you can view a recording in C-SPAN’s video library.  And, you can check out Director Dane Kennedy’s blog post on the briefing “Will Robots Rule the World?