Paul Kennedy discusses the ‘Sinews of Power’

Paul M. Kennedy at the Council on Foreign Relations. Click the photo to view the discussion.

Paul M. Kennedy, Director, International Security Studies and Dilworth Professor of History at Yale University, discussed with Richard N. Haass, the Director of Council on Foreign Relations, the “Sinews of Power”: Rediscovering the Foundations of National Security” at the Council’s New York office on December 14, 2009.

Paul Kennedy’s conversation is entitled “The Sinews of Power” and makes a reference to John Brewer’s classic of the same name.  Professor Kennedy examined some cases, over the centuries, of the intimate relationship between a nation’s fiscal strength and its politico-military activities and presence abroad. The discussion was focused on the relationship between national and international fiances and military policy.  The implications for the United States in the world today are rather obvious.  To watch the video of the conversation between Professor Kennedy and Dr. Haass, as well as the questions from the audience, click here.