Past Programs

Entangled Trajectories Symposium

This exciting inter-disciplinary symposium took place April 9-10, 2015, at George Washington University and the Mexican Cultural Institute. The conference was organized by the Early Americas Working Group and co-sponsored by the Kislak Family Foundation, George Washington University (MEMSI, History Department and CCAS), the University of Maryland (Center for Literary and Comparative Studies and Miller Center for Historical Studies), the National History Center of the American Historical Association, and the Mexican Cultural Institute.

Council on Foreign Relations Lecture Series

The National History Center has entered into a partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations for a series of lectures. Periodically, a historian addresses an audience on a foreign relations topic from the perspective of history.

History Education Policy

The National History Center works with foundations and partners to assess history education throughout the nation, particularly in light of new research on history teaching and learning as well as comparisons with similar history teaching reform efforts abroad. The Center is also a partner with the National History Education Clearinghouse.

New Books In History

Entering into a partnership with New Books In History, the National History Center links to interviews of historians discussing their latest research and writing.


Videos and Audiocasts from National History Center events.

Summer Institutes

The National History Center, with generous funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, brings 25 two- and four-year college teachers to Washington, DC to participate in a four-week long institute held at the Library of Congress.


The National History Center sponsors workshops for the profession on a variety of topics and issues.

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