Rethinking America in a Global Perspective

The National History Center, American Historical Association, the Community College Humanities Association, and the Library of Congress invite you to apply for “Rethinking America in a Global Perspective,” a summer institute funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities in Washington, DC. The four-week institute will take place at the Library of Congress from June 16 through July 11, 2008. The George Washington University Department of History will co-sponsor the institute.

In an era of increasing global interaction and interdependence, those concerned with the historical, geographical, and cultural dimensions of America are actively rethinking the geographical and chronological boundaries of their subject of study. A growing body of scholarship now prompts American historians to “look…beyond the official borders of the U.S. and back again.” At the same time, world historians have been producing exciting transnational studies that connect America to other world regions.

With a view to internationalizing American history at the college level, this institute will bring together teachers and experts for four weeks at the Library of Congress. Using its unparalleled collections of American and global materials, they will explore individual research interests while developing curricular ideas and materials that will encourage students to become better citizens of an America faced with a multitude of global challenges and opportunities. The institute will be directed by Carl Guarneri and John Gillis. Guarneri has been a prominent proponent of globalizing American history and is the editor of America Compared: American History in International Perspective. Gillis has written extensively on comparative and transnational themes, especially relating to the Atlantic world.

They will be joined by a distinguished guest faculty—Charles C. Mann, Elizabeth Mancke, Laurent DuBois, Eliga Gould, Donna Gabbacia, Paul Kramer, Penny Von Eshen, and Alan Dawley—all of whom have made important contributions to this emerging field.

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