Webcast: September 9: Garret Martin: “More than Just a Scourge: General de Gaulle and the Cold War”

General de Gaulle is often remembered as the great scourge of the Western Alliance during the 1960s, the mercurial French President who launched a global and comprehensive challenge against the United States’ leadership of the Free World. But de Gaulle was driven by more than simply obstructionism or a desire to make life difficult for his American allies. In this presentation to the Washington History Seminar, Garret Martin made the case that the General pursued an ambitious, if flawed, grand strategy during the 1960s through which he sought to overcome the Cold War bipolar order.

Garret Martin is an editor at large at the European Institute, based in Washington, DC, and a board member of the Institute’s journal, European Affairs. The author of General de Gaulle’s Cold War: Challenging American Hegemony, 1963-1968 (2013) and a co-editor of Globalizing de Gaulle: International Perspectives on French Foreign Policies, 1958-1969 (2010), he teaches transatlantic relations past and present at American University.

Report from the Field: Alan Kraut, Organization of American Historians

A webcast is available here.