Spring 2011 Schedule for the Washington History Seminar

The Washington History Seminar Spring 2011 schedule is now available.  The seminar, jointly co-sponsored by the National History Center and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars with support from the Society of Historians for American Foreign Relations, meets on Monday afternoons at 4:00 pm at the Wilson Center.  The program helps facilitate the understanding of contemporary affairs in light of historical knowledge of all times and places, and from multiple perspectives, and has been an outstanding success.  It has become a place where historians can engage with an institutionally diverse audience and take part in a lively discussion of their current research.   To see previous semester’s presenters and videos, click here. If you would like to be added to the weekly announcements, please contact Miriam Cunningham.

Washington History Seminar, Spring 2011

January 24: Sheldon Garon (Princeton University) on why America spends while the world saves (video)

January 31: Trudy Peterson (Independent Archivist) on war crimes tribunals in Guatemala, Rwanda, and South Africa (video)

February 7: Charles Maier (Harvard University and WWC Fellow) on sovereignty and globalization (video)

February 14: Klaus Larres (University of Ulster) on Churchill and the Cold War (video)

February 28: Henry Laurens (Collège de France) on France and the Arab World

March 7: Katherine Lynch (Carnegie Mellon University) on the French welfare state (video)

March 14: Susan Carruthers (Rutgers University and WWC Fellow) on United States military occupations (video)

March 21: Gabriel Gorodetsky (University of Oxford) on Stalin and Operation Barbarossa (video)

March 28: Thomas Schwartz (Vanderbilt University) on Kissinger’s Realpolitik (video)

April 4: Alice Kessler-Harris (Columbia University) on reading history through biography (video)

April 11: Richard Kohn (University of North Carolina) on civil and military relationships (video)

April 18: no meeting

April 25: Don H. Doyle (University of South Carolina and WWC Public Policy Follow) on the international dimensions of the American Civil War (video)

May 2: Paul Landau (University of Maryland) on the end of Apartheid (video)