Teagle Foundation Project: The Role of the History Major in Liberal Education

National History Center promotes the role of historical scholarship and understanding in public discourse, especially with regard to public policy.  In early 2007, the Center was awarded by the Teagle Foundation, a grant to undertake  the study of  the role of historical study in liberal learning, particularly how a history major prepares students for diverse career paths, and for avocational interests that enhance civic engagement in their communities. We have formed a working group of leading scholars and educators to consider the goals of liberal learning and the undergraduate history major. We plan to circulate our findings in written form and convene open forums on the subject and hope that our work generates a broader professional and public discussion. In undertaking this work, it is necessary to have a snapshot of the undergraduate history major as it now exists in different types of institutions, and we would like to include your department in the study. Please fill out the survey.


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