The American Historical Association

The National History Center was created by the American Historical Association (AHA) in 2002 as a separate nonprofit organization that focuses on the relationship between history and public policy. Unlike the AHA itself the Center does not engage in advocacy other than the imperative of informed historical context as an aspect of policy discourse and formation.

The AHA is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1884 and incorporated by Congress in 1889 for the promotion of historical studies. The AHA provides leadership for the discipline by protecting academic freedom, developing professional standards, supporting scholarship and innovative teaching, and helping to sustain and enhance the work of historians. As the largest organization of professional historians in the world, the AHA represents more than 11,000 members and serves historians representing every historical period and geographical area in a wide variety of professions. The AHA is a trusted voice for history education, the professional work of historians, and the critical role of historical thinking in public life.

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