Retrospective: The National History Center at the AHA’s 2012 Annual Meeting

The National History Center sponsored several sessions at the American Historical Association’s 2012 Annual Meeting in Chicago. Among them were four sessions that were part of the “Historians, Journalists and the Challenges of Getting It Right” initiative we have co-created with the AHA and two centers at USC Annenberg School for Journalism and Communication. All or part of three sessions are available on the internet. C-Span recorded and broadcast “Publishing and the American Century.” The History News Network recorded and placed on its website portions of “Interpreting the Arab Spring.” And one of our USC partners, the Norman Lear Center, has posted to USC Annenberg’s YouTube channel an illustrated version of “American Biography and the Cold War.”

Articles about the History Center at the Annual Meeting, the Getting It Right sessions, and another NHC-sponsored session, “The History Major in Liberal Education: Practical Application of the National History Center’s Report to the Teagle Foundation,” appeared in the December, March and February editions of the AHA’s monthly newsmagazine, Perspectives. Inside Higher Ed published an article on the “Interpreting the Arab Spring” session in its January 11, 2012 issue.