Washington History Seminars: 2017

Washington History Seminars: 2017

January 2017

Cold War Summits, 1985-1991: January 23, 2017

    Thomas Blanton, National Security Archive and Svetlana Savranskaya, National Security Archive

February 2017

An Extraordinary Time: The End of the Postwar Boom and the Return of the Ordinary Economy: February 6, 2017

    Marc Levinson, Independent Scholar

Fraud: From Barnum to Madoff: February 13, 2017

    Edward Balleisen, Duke University

An Appeal to Heaven: February 27, 2017

    Timothy Breen, Northwestern University

March 2017

The Tragedy of U.S. Foreign Policy: March 6, 2017

    Walter A. McDougall, The University of Pennsylvania

Radium and the Secret of Life: March 20, 2017

    Luis Campos, University of New Mexico

Set in Stone: America’s Embrace of the Ten Commandments : March 27, 2017

    Jenna Weissman Joselit, Georgetown University

April 2017

War against War: The Rise, Defeat, and Legacy of the Peace Movement in America, 1914-1918: April 3, 2017

    Michael Kazin, Georgetown University

The Profit of the Earth: The Global Seeds of American Agriculture: April 17, 2017

    Courtney Fullilove, Wesleyan University

General George C. Marshall and the Atomic Bomb: April 24, 2017

    Frank Settle, Washington and Lee University

May 2017

Looking for a Stranger: Albert Camus and the Life of a Literary Classic: May 1, 2017

    Alice Kaplan, Yale University

Winning the Third World: Sino-American Competition During the Cold War: May 8, 2017

    Greg Brazinsky, George Washington University

Hearts, Minds, Voice: U.S. Cold War Diplomacy and the Formation of the Third World: May 15, 2017

    Jason Parker, Texas A&M

September  2017

The Impossible Presidency: The Rise and Fall of America’s Highest Office: September 11, 2017

    Jeremi Suri, University of Texas at Ausin

Mobilizing the Russian Nation: Patriotism and Citizenship in the First World War: September 18, 2017

    Melissa Stockdale, University of Oklahoma

Park Chung Hee and Modern Korea: The Roots of Militarism, 1866-1954: September 25, 2017

    Carter Eckert, Harvard University

October 2017

How Modern Was Hitler’s Dictatorship?: October 2, 2017 

    Nathan Stoltzfus, Florida State University

Gorbachev: His Life and Times: October 23, 2017

    • William Taubman

November 2017

Historians and the Anthropocene: November 17, 2017

    • Julia Thomas, Notre Dame and John McNeil, Georgetown

December 2017

Destination Casablanca: Exile, Espionage, and the Battle for North Africa in WWII: December 4, 2017

    Meredith Hindley, National Endowment for the Humanities